Here is a pic of what a 1uz into surf loom should look like, this was a job done by another shop who just supplied a 1uz stand alone loom for a surf, well customer spent a lot of money for nothing due to the fact he would have had to pay someone 1000 dollars to wire it to the car. The speedo sensor wiring was way to short and there was no wiring for the electric 4wd transfer motor and the ecu wasn’t tricked so it would have had the 4000 rpm rev limit and all these extra relays were used and the start wire wasn’t connect. So customer sent it to me and for a similar price I made his 1uz loom directly plug into the surf body loom so the starter will work, the factory surf efi relay is used, his temp gauge will work, his speedo and transfer 4wd motor will work, and my price even included a module to calibrate the tacho to be accurate. So for those out there considering this swap make sure whoever you get to do you looms to compare what you get and how much work is involved once you get the loom back because paying 500 bucks for a loom and then needing to pay someone 1000 dollars to fit it is not cheap.

1uz surf final


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