Why miss out on having your engine wiring converted by the best in the business just because you don’t happen to live locally? Or perhaps you are one of the many existing Sideshow’s Performance Wiring customers who are understandably upset about Sideshow’s recent relocation from Sydney to Brisbane?

Sideshow’s Performance Wiring offers their quality conversion wiring services both Australia and World-Wide through our mail order service.
This service involves a simple phone consultation with Sideshow, who will guide you through the process of the identification and removal of the required wiring looms from your vehicle, which can then be sent to Sideshow’s Performance Wiring for conversion.

The looms will be returned to you in the agreed time frame and can be plugged directly into your vehicle with the minimal amount of work.

Additionally, Sideshow’s Performance Wiring will offer diagrams and both email and phone support to assist in wiring the mail order loom back into your vehicle.